Monday, January 3, 2011

Third Song from the Play List

View Details  Welcome to week three! Hopefully, everyone rang in the new year with their own personal version of a big smooch from their honey bun and firecrackers. Around here, thankfully 2011 has come in for me and mine with lots and lots of possibilities for amazing things. 
    I don't think I've told y'all this yet but John Mayer is one of my top ten favorite artists. I know I'm risking the wrath of an old school chum (wink, wink, Lee) by telling you all that. It's okay though, I'll be more worried about Lee's reaction after I post the Nickleback song in a few weeks haha! John and several other very talented musicians hold multiple slots on all four of my play lists.
    While trying to tap into those long ago moments of eighteen-year-old-angst and transfer that into my story, listening to this next song epitomized what it felt like to move from teenager to young adult. Everyone can relate to a desire to really be something once they take that first step into the real world, regardless of what stage of it you happen to be in at the moment. Even if at the time, you had no idea what that something might turn out to be. There in lies the beauty of being young and why nature only lets you be that once.
 Room For Squares CoverThis song speaks volumes to exactly what's happening to the characters in the story at this point. Neely is staring wide-eyed into the unknown and she doesn't know exactly what to expect from her future. Right now her life resembles a very frustrating Algebra problem with too many x's and y's left to fill in. Still too many unknowns to get a real answer (that one's for you Mrs. Bustin, I knew that extra year in Algebra II would come in handy one day).
    Even though we're three songs in, technically we aren't past the second chapter yet. Neely's being pulled in several different emotional directions at this point too. Poor kid, she's being flooded with varying degrees of happy, scared, excited and sad all at once. It's enough to short-circuit a girl's heart and brain! Those of us who remember being at that jumping-off point of our life can relate to her excitement and fear only too well. For those of you who aren't there yet, don't worry, you will totally understand what I mean once it happens to you.
    Without anymore to-do, here's the third song.
John Mayer...No Such Thing

Till Then,

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