Thursday, September 12, 2013

#PitMad Teaser

Welcome to #PitMad, folks!! Today I'm hocking my wares over on the twitter (@KDWoodauthor) in a final round of pitches.

We need a forever home for Neely and Hayden so if you can, give my pitch a retweet as many times as you can from 8am-8pm today.

Here's a little dab of Neely and Andrew steam to say thank you for your support!


    “You think it’ll be that easy?" I wound my fingers into his hair.
    “No," he said against my skin. "I expect it to be horrible.” Raising his face from my neck, his eyes were heavy lidded. “But right now it’s you and me in an empty house and I only want to think about you.” His fingers teased open the top button of my shirt. “Your skin, the taste of your lips, the silky feel of your hair between my fingers,” he whispered as the second button sprang free, his breath raising goose bumps on my chest. “And nothing else.”

2010 K.D. Wood
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