Thursday, November 8, 2012

*Steam Alert* Last Snippet

   Thank you and welcome to new friends from the Czech Republic. Hope you see something you like and visit again soon.
    Well here we are guys, at the last sneak peek. Hey now, is that a frowny face I see? None of that, Mister. No sad panda's allowed! :) I promise it was worth the wait because I picked an extra saucy one just for you. *points at you* Yeah, you.  
    This being the last one is actually a really good thing. Why you ask? Because that means the book is finished and ready for it's cyber-vacation in the Big Apple. Oh yeah, you read that correctly and have my permission to squee!  
    On November 15th UNWILLING will be on her way to New York City to be raked over the coals by a very nice lady at a major publishing house. After three years of late nights, five full revisions, many long hours bleeding all over the keyboard and plotting wall I'm pleased as punch with how the story turned out. Without a doubt, none of this journey would've been possible without the time I was blessed to spend with some of the coolest writer friends in the world who have helped bring Neely's story out of it's original steaming pile of excessive adjectives. Pals, for everything past and to come, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3 
    No matter how we met or what you practise, be it praying, crossing fingers or sending positive energy, on November 15th please do it for UNWILLING. I'm not picky, I'll take whatever you got! 
    So, there you go. *slumps in chair* I've shared my huge news with you all. Trust me, it's been killing me not to talk about it until now. Be sure and check back often as I wait for an answer and help me not pull my hair out or overdose on chocolate.
    I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and don't forget to give a book and it's creator some love. 
Till Then,

    His teeth nipped at my jaw.
    “You think it’ll be that easy?" I wound my fingers into his hair.
    “No," he said against my skin. "I expect it to be horrible.” Raising his face from my neck, his eyes were heavy lidded. “But right now it’s you and me in an empty house and I only want to think about you.” His fingers teased open the top button of my shirt. “Your skin, the taste of your lips, the silky feel of your hair between my fingers,” he whispered as the second button sprang free, his breath raising goose bumps on my chest. “And nothing else.”

2010 K.D. Wood
prohibited from being displayed, copied, discussed or electronically distributed without the expressed written permission of the author.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chapter Snippet

Welcome new vistors and old friends! Between Halloween and a hurricane visiting the East Coast, it's been a weird week. Thankfully, Halloween is only once a year and I pray Sandy's future cousins don't make visits like this a habit. The news coming out of the affected areas has been  heartrending. Since entering the writing community two years ago I've made lots of friends from that part of the country. For all you guys, I'm lifting up prayers of safety for you. <3 
    In the days to come, hug your loved ones more often, call a old friend just to say hello and don't forget to give a book and it's creator some love. I appreciate you taking the time to visit the blog today and hope you enjoy this peek into UNWILLING
Till Then,

    He dabbed at my cheek. “This one might need a stitch.”
    “No,” I said, wincing and pushing his hands away. “Leave it alone.” I held my breath waiting for the sting of the antiseptic to fade.
    His eyes flicked toward her then back to me. “You’ll have a nasty scar.”
    “Good,” I said, closing my eyes as tears dripped into the hollow of my ears. “I want all the wounds to match.”