Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sixth Song from the Play List

View DetailsHere is song number six from the play list. Before I get on to that though, I need to give a quick shout out to all those who are following from the now twenty-two different countries around the world, most recently India, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Greece, Poland, Austria, Italy and Brazil. Welcome, welcome  WELCOME!! I sincerely hope you are enjoying visiting and thanks for helping to push the blog past the 1000 mark in under two months!
     Now my girl Avril Lavigne has just launched new songs on the accursed Itunes and such so I’m happy her turn on the play list came around right now. The new songs are doing really well last she tweeted so I’m very happy for her. More than that, I seriously hope actual CD’s are being burned and sold in stores for those of us who detest the Ipod. Give me my six disc player that I got back in high school and my Cd's and I'm good. That old thing still sounds better than anything out now.
    Avril holds court in the top five of my all time favorite musicians. Every time I get to hang out with Number One of the two coolest nieces in the world I feel like I have my own personal Avril because they look so much alike. ha ha! I think my Number One is a little taller but everything else is so similar it’s creepy. (in this photo: Number Two and Number One)
     Now for how this song relates to the the story. This point of view belongs to Neely. My girl is suffering right about now. Songs #5 and #6 are linked in the same scene. Very intense, very…honestly...I don’t have a good word to use without giving something away. I’ll leave you to figure out her personal brand of suffering on your own. But Is there anything worse than being afraid to say something? Fear is a strange and horrible thing in all forms. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of succeeding, fear of doing that one thing that will change everything into what you want or mess it all up. Choose your own favor of misery and plug it in, it will all work. No matter what you're afraid of, it makes it even more terrifying and infuriating when it strangles you silent.  
    Song number six is from Avril's first album, Let Go. She’s done lots of amazing song writing since this one but it’s still one of my faves. So without anymore of my yammering on, here’s the sixth song from my play list.

Till then,
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Avril Lavigne...Things I'll Never Say
*this is a fan made video 

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