Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fourth Song from the Play List

    View DetailsNow we are digging our fingers into the meaty parts of this story. (rubs palms together and grins) This is the fourth song on the play list and it packs a powerful punch in the steam department. I've introduced you all to Neely and Hayden so I hope you've begun to try and figure out just what role their friendship plays in the story.
    I'm all about throwing a curve ball into things so Wednesday you will finally be introduced to the second male lead. Two male leads you say? Oh yeah that's how I roll. It wouldn't be one of my stories and just wouldn't be interesting if there wasn't every type of friction known to man in it. Love, hate, steam, anger, sadness, loss, hope, desire you can bet I've got all those yummy flavors in there.
    Of course times change and artist come and go, but for me, Prince is the ultimate hot and steamy song go-to guy. That voice, those lyrics, always pushing boundaries farther than anyone else...well he's a guy named Prince so what else could you expect.
    We've made it to the first obstacle in the story for Neely with this song. The first three chapters follow a pattern of stress peaks that closely resemble a heartbeat. Oh and yeah, I did it that way on purpose. Poor girl. By the time we reach chapter three, she's hip-deep in alligators and crocodiles while holding a dead chicken in each hand. This song embodies what she's dealing with in just a small portion of one of those peaks of conflict. Teenage hormones, oh there's just nothing more fun to write about! So without anymore temptation, here's the fourth song from the play list.
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