Thursday, October 30, 2014


11 days.....

My freak out is under control for now. But I make you all no promises for later.
Can you even BELIEVE that??? The book comes out in only 11 DAYS!!!
It's finally really hitting me. Like a big old smoking smack on the lips!
Now that people are reading the book, posting Goodreads reviews and messaging me their favorite parts and talking about the story. The reality is really sinking in. I haven't had anyone outside my tiny circle of writing friends to really talk about the book with LOL! And it has been amazing!
Like reliving those first days of drafting it all over again. I can't say thank you enough to all the people who have read, promoted and loved the story. I appreciate you all so much.
So, I've been waiting six years for this sign off:

Thanks for hanging in with me for all this time. Don't forget to give a book some love this week, and if you are so inclined, let that love fall on mine <3
Until then,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun Facts From Under The Writer's Desk 10/15/14

It’s a dog’s life here under the writer’s desk, folks. And not too shabby for a gal with a cute black butt spot such as myself. I’m the Waug, White Waug to be exact, and welcome to:

“Fun Facts from Under the Writer’s Desk”

In today’s Fun Facts we’re talking about writer’s snacks. Oh my soul, there is no greater snacker on earth than the stationary writer. Why not a half hour ago a jelly bean landed on my nose and I thought I’d crossed the rainbow bridge of sugar comas. I love me some Jelly Bellies! Let’s sniff it out and see what she’s hiding from those smaller humans and that big one with no hair on his head.
Bottom drawer- hmm, smells of chocolate. Maybe containing a caramel center. Dang. She won’t be sharing that one unfortunately.

Middle drawer-paper, glue, metal. Gross, I’ll pass.
Top drawer- *sniffs hard* Ohhhhhh yes. There’s some booty in that one. Sugar. *sniff* candy corn probably. *sniiiiiiiiffffffff* more nuts and chocolate. Maybe I can bump her chair hard enough when she opens that one again for a stray mallow pumpkin to fall out.

Oh oh oh, there goes that drawer! Okay, I have to go concentrate on this so see you all again next week.
Waug out.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Read The First Chapter of UNWILLING on Wattpad!

Did you miss reading the first chapter of UNWILLING for free during the author takeover on Two Chick’s and a Dude Book Review’s Facebook page on 10/7/14? Well, here’s the link just in case!
Hope you enjoy it and are looking forward to more! Watch the blog for the AMAZON link to go live during the second week of NOVEMBER!
Until then,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fun Facts From Under The Writer's Desk (10/8/14)

It’s a dog’s life here under the writer’s desk, folks. And not too shabby for a gal with a cute black butt spot such as myself. I’m the Waug, White Waug to be exact, and welcome to:

“Fun Facts from Under the Writer’s Desk”

Because who better to tell the real story than the Waug looking up your shirt tail?

Anyway, I’m being paid in animal crackers to lay some smarts on you humans today. Since I LOVE ME SOME ANIMAL CRACKERS, here goes:

First up, writers. Sweet baby Jesus in the creek they’re a strange lot. That one of mine, she shuffles around here in a daze half the time. Hair crazy as hell. Unshowered and reeking of coffee. Mumbling. Pointing at the walls and then kindly scratches my ears. Well, that part I don’t mind a dab.
But she also smiles while she taps on that glow box. She smiles something FIERCE. Obviously, something in that whirly-jig makes her entirely happy so I guess it’s not half bad. Though it is noisy. I mean, how am I supposed to get my 23 hours with all that racket?
Anyway. If you happen to have one of these writer types in your life, give their cheek a nice wet lick and let them hug you tight when they need to cry. That’s a guaranteed way to get extra animal crackers.

Waug out.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Tonight at 7EST the lovely's at Two Chicks and A Dude Book Reviews are hosting an author take over of their facebook page which you can find HERE ! There will be prize, pictures, maybe even a few secrets but you can bet there will be tons of FUN!
Come on over and spend the hour with me!
As a added treat, the first chapter of my book will be made available for free on during the take over and the link posted on the page. Don't miss out on your chance to read it!
Hope to see you all tonight!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Coming in October!

October is shaping up to be very exciting!

I’m as busy as bee’s nest getting things organized and I’m so ready to share this book with you guys! I hope you’re as excited as I am J

Here’s the run down for October’s dates:

October 7 th  -- Author Take Over hosted by Two Chicks and a Dude Book Reviews *The author takeover is a one hour event beginning at 6CST/7EST on Facebook where I’ll be posting things about UNWILLING and getting to know the readers who visit Two Chick’s page. There will be a few prizes, maybe a few secrets *wink* but the biggest thing is that the first chapter of UNWILLING will go up on for free during that hour and the link will be posted during the takeover. If you didn’t get a Facebook invitation already to join the event message me and I’ll be happy to send you one!

October 23d
The beautiful cover Laura created for UNWILLING will make its debut!

October 14th, 21st, 28th and November 4th
The first teasers for UNWILLING will be posted on these dates so be sure to visit my Author Page on Facebook and Twitter leading up to the big day. Visit the pages often to catch them!

October 9th, 16th, 24th and November 3rd A very special addition to this month’s line up is my pal Jennifer. She and her lovely Jamberry are going to be the exclusive nail outfitter for UNWILLING! She has recreated some of Neely’s outfits from the story with a very special nail style to match and will be posting those pictures up each week! 
Mark those calendars! And don’t forget to give a book some love J

Until then,