Friday, July 8, 2011

What's on the Nightstand? #74 and #75

    First let me say a big welcome to our new visitors from around the world, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Turkey. Your visits bring the number of countries collected on the blog up to 33. I hope you enjoyed visiting and please return often.
    What’s on the nightstand? Well, since I just got home from vacation, surprisingly, not much. My poor mistreated blog …. *pets its wittle head* What can I say, it was an chaotic two week vacation with lots of fun sprinkled in. Some parts I wouldn’t mind doing again, others, I could definitely do without.
    Good news though, I’m now the proud Aunt and Great Aunt to two healthy babies.  It was iffy all the way around at first because they’re hardheaded and didn’t want to stay in long enough to bake properly. But now they’re both growing and thriving, safely tucked away in their bitty incubators for a few more weeks. My family has truly been blessed.
    Once we finally arrived home Monday, I dove back into my new additions to the TBR pile. Besides my joy of a new read, it’s been an exciting week in the world of books for some special friends! My writer buds Carolyn Haines and Jeannie Holmes new titles, BONES OF A FEATHER and BLOOD SECRETS, both hit the shelves in the last two weeks. I had the pleasure of spending time with both lovely ladies last Saturday at a signing held by Page and Palette in Fairhope, AL. Additionally, fellow DG2010 alum An’gel Molpus of the SASSY GIRLS BOOK CLUB on facebook and I hung out while the ladies put their John Hancock on lots of books. She and I had a wonderful chat over some interesting and delish coffee concoctions. An’gel is a total doll and completely hilarious. If you aren’t a sassy girl, you’re missing out, especially on Friday.

    I hope these two titles are ones you’ll check out because these two ladies are very special. I'm in love with their work, but most of all I'm honored to call them friends. So get to reading folks and I promise not to neglect you anymore. Go on now, scoot! (Mom, I’m talking to you).

Till then,

BONES OF A FEATHER by Carolyn Haines

Sarah Booth and Tinkie are at it again.  Even though they’ve been put on notice by both Oscar and Graf to guard the hearts they hold by staying away from dangerous cases and to not get into anymore trouble or the hospital. A simple insurance case and one little white lie of omission never hurt anybody… right…?
I adore Carolyn’s Sarah Booth Delaney mysteries and this one is no exception. Bones of a Feather is a great read and I’m already dancing a jig waiting on the next book. 

BLOOD SECRETS by Jeannie Holmes

Product Details Still on suspension after allowing a previous case to get personal, Enforcer for the FBPI Alexandra Sabian is facing an official inquiry. In addition, Alex has a prospect of redemption through a new case concerning a missing Jefferson girl. Of course, those hopes hinge on Alex’s ability to work alongside her former mentor and ex-fiancĂ© Varik. Unfortunately for Alex and Varik, they can’t see until it’s too late that the killer known as The Dollmaker is dead set on keeping Alex in his collection forever.  
Jeannie’s first title BLOOD LAW was a wonderful read and BLOOD SECRETS is even better! I’m doing the antsy dance in anticipation of the next installment. If you haven’t already picked up this series, I can’t imagine what you’re waiting for! From what I hear, there’s a lot more adventures ahead for Alex, Varik and the people of Jefferson, Mississippi so don’t get left out.