Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fifth Song from the Play List

    ClipArtSong number five. These lyrics totally speak for themselves. He may not be everyone's favorite like he is to me but no one can dispute his writing ablities. Thanks to those awesome abilites, this will be John’s second contribution to the play list. I told you he was one of my favorites. I think I forgot to mention point of view in the previous songs though so I’ll back track for you a little.  #1 – Neely, #2 - Andrew, #3 – Neely, #4 – Hayden and now #5 – Hayden. Point of view references who’s voice I hear the most in the scenes. Even though the story is told from Neely’s perspective for the most part, there are times such as this one when the other characters get to take a turn being heard.
    My girl is making a huge mess of things at this point but she’s not the only one. The overall stress factor is getting close to one of the highest stress peaks in the story. The difference now is the physical tension has also ratcheted up a few notches too. There were several times during the creation of this story that I needed to ice the backs of my eyeballs when I finished a scene. This was one of those times. At this point in the writing, it was the first time I found myself crying over a scene. I don’t cry easily so you can imagine just how freaked out I was. Most of all, it was scary opening up my mind that much to the work. Unfortunately, that’s writing and a lesson the process teaches you very quickly. If you can’t bleed all over the keyboard and survive you ain’t got no business putting fingers to keys. It was a tough lesson, but in the end, I got it. 
    So without anymore suspense, here’s the fifth song from the play list.
Till Then,
John Mayer…Your Body is a Wonderland.

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