Friday, July 11, 2014


There are a few posts I’ve written while in tears since I started this blog one weird night in Nashville. Those posts will live only in my computer and never taint your eyeballs. Lots of reasons for that. Mainly, they’re depressing as hell and as son#2 loves to say, “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

***Thankfully, this is NOT one of those bummer posts! Instead, the tears dripping on the keys today are made of JOY!***

I am happy to announce I now have an AGENT!

That’s right, folks. Things just got real up in here and I am over the moon excited!!!!!! So please bear with my overabundance of !!!! in this post.

My new agent is Tish Beaty with L. Perkins Agency and here’s a little introduction for you all courtesy of  

Tish was part of the team that developed The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House and during her time with the TWCS, she managed both authors and editors – acquiring several authors who have become literary successes, including the NYT #1 Bestseller -FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.”

I’m looking forward to an amazing working relationship with L. Perkins Agency and Ms. Beaty. So now that I’ve used up my exclamation mark allowance for the day, I wish you all a very happy Friday evening. J And remember to give a book some love.

Until then,