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Interview with Andrew Huckley

*Now we've made it to the juicy parts of these interviews! As second male lead, Andrew Huckley is a big mystery wrapped up nicely in a very luscious package. This interview completes the introductions of the main characters. I hope you all enjoy meeting Andrew for the first time and look forward to getting to know him better. 

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    This is the third installment of my interviews with the characters in the new book series by Laurel native KD Wood. After trying to land a sit down with the first two, I was prepared to pour the syrup on thick in order to score a meeting with Ivan Andrew Huckley Jr. Fortunately, none of my persuasiveness was necessary since he agreed to meet with me the first time I called.
    While driving out to the Huckley home I realized it's located in a very upscale part of town. The brick and stone wall surrounding the property complete with huge wrought iron gate is impressive on its own. Pressing the button on the call box, I spoke with a guy who sported a very heavy French accent. The huge gate then swung open and I rolled up to the Huckley estate. Can you say gigantic house surrounded by manicured grounds and even a lake? Well, that's exactly what it was.
    A very tall man welcomed me at the front door then escorted me into a large formal sitting room. I guessed he must have been the same one who let me in the gate since he had a French accent. Taking a seat to wait for Mr. Huckley, I observed my surroundings quickly. The house was expertly decorated but I'd imagine the plush couch and glittering lamps probably cost more than my car. Folding my hands in my lap, I was sort of afraid to sit on the chair it was so fancy.
    I never heard the approach of footsteps, but suddenly there was a young man standing next to me. Ivan Andrew Huckley Jr. greeted me warmly and then took a seat in the matching chair to the right. His sultry accent caught me off guard for second. Being from New Zealand and all I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.
    One of the first things I noticed about him is his smile. It's...well...there's no other word for it. Dazzling. Flawlessly manicured from wavy golden hair to the high gloss on his brown leather shoes, he seemed completely at ease despite me being a stranger. At a guess, I'd say he's six feet tall, which he later confirmed as correct and brown as a biscuit. The color of his skin was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Warm honey, expensive dark furniture, the woven pieces of a aged wicker basket, fall leaves...none of those colors were exactly right for him. Directing me towards a gigantic oil painting of his mother over the stone fireplace, I immediately saw whom he'd inherited it from. Mrs. Huckley was depicted in a lovely bronze color. Even her waves of golden hair spilling over one shoulder matched Andrew's perfectly. 
    After rummaging around in my bag for a few minutes, I finally found my notepad and recorder so we could get started. 

Q Thank you for meeting with me…uh…do you prefer Ivan or Andrew?
Andrew please and you’re most welcome. I’m honored you wanted to interview me.
Q  I’ve spoken with Neely and Hayden already and they seemed quite positive about their experience. Have you enjoyed being part of the series so far?
A  It’s been a fascinating experience for me.
Q   How so?
A  Well, there’s the issue with secrecy. Which, now that the story is complete and being prepared for release, is actually more difficult than it seemed it would be in the beginning. The powers that be are quite stringent with us about story details. KD especially. I am happy to report they gave me permission to tell you about myself at great length if necessary.
Q.  Don’t worry I got the same stonewalling with Neely and Hayden too.
A. (laughs) I can only imagine, especially from Neely. That girl is quite the tiger.
Q.  Neely and you have a connection I take it?
A.  The story establishes a significant connection for us… but… I can’t elaborate on whether it’s a good or bad thing without giving something away.
Q.  So what about you personally. Where are you going to school and what are your plans?
A.  I’m a senior at West Jones High along with my sister Megan and of course Neely and Hayden. As far as after graduation, my options are still undecided. We may take an extended vacation back to our family home in New Zealand for the summer. Things aren’t really for sure at the moment though. As far as college, I can’t seem to make up my mind.
Q.  What about a position in your father’s company?
A.  It is an option. There’s the executive branch in New York also that my grandfather manages. Really, I just haven’t picked my directions yet. Mother and Father aren’t very pleased with my procrastination. Regardless of what I study, I have several obligations to the family I will have to fulfill at some point. Ah the joys of being eldest son, heir to the empire and all that rubbish. 
Q.  So you have siblings?
A.  Yes, a younger sister Megan and a younger brother Nicholas. Megan is supposed to be in the eleventh grade this year but she skipped up to the ninth with me the year we moved to Laurel. Nicholas is in middle school.
Q. I know your father owns a factory in Laurel but what does your mother do?
A. She opened a formal wear boutique right after we moved here four years ago, La Soirée, in downtown. (Smiling) I don’t know if you noticed how intrigued my mother is with French culture. With Mother’s background as a former Miss Universe and my sister the current Miss Jones County, it has been quite a successful hobby for her in addition to her attempt to turn this place into her own personal piece of France.
Q. I did notice that everything in your home has that air to it, the butler and all. Miss Universe, wow that’s impressive. But as far as yourself, what do you do for fun? Like, what things are you in to?
A. I enjoy traveling; I have quite an extensive collection of first edition books, lots of CD’s that are mostly alternative rock and my father has a few motorcycles we both tinker with. My mother and I spend quite a good bit of our free time researching our family’s history. Being descended from New Zealand’s indigenous people, my mother and grandmother have made sure my siblings and I understand all the parts of our heritage. We spent lots of time with our tribe before we moved here. Normal things really.
Q. Normal, I don’t know so much about that.
A. Well (laughs) normal to me at least. I have developed a new soft spot for American football since coming here. Soccer is my first love, of course, but going to Mustang ballgames has proven quite fun. I have to admit it’s been a bit of a challenge for me to understand some of the things teenagers enjoy here.
Q. Oh yeah, like what things?
A. Well, for one thing, all forms of relationships here are very different. The kids my age still lean towards looks, popularity, and family influences…all the things one would expect as the new kid. In addition to all that though, there are the complexities of everyone’s hometown connections. Kids who’ve grown up together seem to have an extreme and unbreakable affection for one another. I’ve watched them all very closely over the last four years. They may argue or even fight but they always come back to one another in spite of it all. It’s fascinating to me really. The dynamic is unusual especially in the sense that there’s no way for an outsider to break into those relationships and participate, no way to find your place among what’s already established. There’s not enough money or power to truly gain a place. I can make friends but not in the way they create relationships here. It’s an amazing phenomenon.
Q. It's a good thing I brought my recorder. That's small town life in the south described perfectly and I completely understand. So did you eventually find a niche of your own?
A. In my own way I think I have. The acceptance of a societies set of rules, no matter how foreign, goes a long way in carving out a spot within such a complex group. Most of all, I guess you could say I’ve accepted my assigned role among them and that in itself has given me my place.
Q. I have to say that’s pretty deep for such a young guy. Refreshing though, I’ve never heard it explained that way before. Will we see any of your experience play out in the book?
A. (laughs) Honestly…I’ve gotten so comfortable in our conversation that I nearly answered you. KD would’ve cleaned my clock over that one.
Q. Is there a particular chapter or scene in the book you enjoyed more than the others? 
A. Hmmm...How to answer this one safely? KD is very good with plot twists so I enjoyed that part a lot. The story is never what you expect. Chapter 12 and 16 were fun because of the care that has been put into the dynamics between Neely, Hayden and I. The details and scene descriptions are quite lovely while still being extremely intense. A situation such as ours isn't the easiest thing to breathe life into in some parts but the finished product is truly amazing.

Q. It's been wonderful to visit with you Andrew. Is there anything else you like to tell us about the series?
A. Truly, the story is a wild ride with twists and turns you wouldn't expect around every corner. I know everyone that reads it will become enthralled with the story.

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