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An Interview with Hayden Nelson

*Please welcome to the party the second character from the book!! Very exciting!! I hope y'all enjoy this little peek into his personality and that it makes you even more anxious to get to know him better.
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    Slowly but surely, I've been making my way through interviewing the main characters in the new book series by Laurel native KD Wood but it has been no easy thing to do. Before I was granted an interview a few weeks ago by Neely McIntire, lead female character, I only thought accomplishing that had been difficult. Getting granted an interview by one of the two male characters was worse than pulling teeth. It took even more calls and pleading to talk Hayden Nelson into sitting down with me. 
    He agreed to meet me at a local restaurant a few days after agreeing to the interview. Prompt and courteous, he stood when I walked in and held out a hand to shake. He's around an even six feet tall topped off with a wavy mop of reddish-brown hair and turquoise eyes. I notice that his smile is more of a impish grin as we sit down. Once I'd settled in my own seat, he leaned forward in his chair slightly to cross his arms over his chest. Those bright blue eyes seemed to be able to see right into my very soul. I wondered how any local honeybun was able to resist them. Hayden Nelson gave me the impression that he's a guy comfortable in his own skin. His relaxed demeanor and smooth features weren't what I was expecting after the hoops I had to jump through to get him here. 

Q. Thanks so much for agreeing to meet with me Hayden. It's nice to finally meet you. 
A.  No problem. Neely told me it wasn't too difficult and sort of dogged me out for not agreeing sooner. She told me I was being a whiny-baby about it. 

Q. Really? You don't mind that she picks on you like that?
A. Naw, I'm used to it. Neely's been my best friend since we were thrown together by our parents as babies. She doesn't cut me any slack.  

Q. Neely seemed to be enjoying most aspects of being in the book, so how are you handling it? Are you enjoying being part of the series?
A. It's been interesting so far and I enjoy a good story, so that part has been fun. KD doesn't let us tell much so it really hasn't been difficult. I imagine when things get going more I might not like the hub-bub so much.

Q. I only know a few bits and pieces about your role in the story. Is there anything you can tell me?
A. Well...aside from the fact that I'm in it, nope. KD won't let us say much about it. She's totally mental about keeping the plot secret and stuff like that but I can tell you things about me.

Q. Alright, tell me a little bit about do you go to school?
A. Right now I'm a senior at West Jones High. I turn eighteen in February and I've lived here my whole life.

Q. Any plans after you graduate?
A. Right now I'm planning on helping my dad run our farm out in the county.

Q. So you don't plan on going to college?
A. Naw, not if I can get away with it. I have two older brothers in college right now.

Q. You have more than one brother I take it, can you tell me a little bit about your family?
A. My parents are Will and Camilla Nelson and I have three older brothers. Todd is at MSU in vet school, Caleb is a fireman in Laurel and Nathan is in his second year at JCJC. My folks have a farm out in the county off highway 84W.

Q. Are you the youngest?
A. Yep, it goes; Todd, Caleb, Nathan then me.

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. My brothers and I spend most of our time working for dad during the week, but I enjoying fishing on the river out at our weekend place. There's a pretty good size sand bar my friends and I hang out on on the during the summer. There 's always deer hunting, riding four-wheelers and ballgames. You know, regular stuff.

Q. What are you listening to these days?
A. I don't go for a lot of new stuff. I have Skynrd CD's that I keep in my jeep all the time but I have a few other things at the house. Hank Williams for sure, a little Bon Jovi, ACDC and Metallica but only the records before the new haircuts. I have Cold Play in my stereo at home but it's not actually mine. I borrowed it from Neely. Her taste varies more than mine.

Q. You and Neely are obviously really close. Have you ever been more than just friends?
A. Yeah, we're close but mainly because we've been friends for as long as I can remember. She's a great friend, plus she never takes any crap off me. That girl won't hesitate to put me in my place but we've never dated. That could go wrong on so many levels.

Q. But if you've never tried going out, how do you know she's not perfect for you?
A. Aw man, you're killing me with this. I guess it's that I just can't afford to lose her as my friend you know. We're too young to be that serious. Whatever happens in the future...well...who knows. For now though, we're best friends. 

Q. I didn't mean to put you on the spot.
A. It's cool. Don't worry, you ain't the first person to yank my chain about it.

Q. Being the youngest of four brothers, I'm sure you've had your share of trouble with getting heard. Do you find that same issue with being heard among so many characters in the different stories?
A. Um...I don't think so. Yeah, now there are times when the conflict annoys me just because I'm impatient. Plus, I don't get along with the other male lead at all. Somehow KD seems to balance all our attitudes out really well. Honestly, it can't be easy having so many folks shouting in your head all the time.

Q. Neely and I spoke about how there is definitely at least one more book, possibly three total. Are you excited about that?
A. I am. It's a great story and the suspense is so tight in some places it gives me chills. Plus, no one likes a story that ends without answering every single question. It's taken KD that many books to get them all answered I guess.

Q. Interesting, so is there anything about the series you're especially looking forward to?
A. I guess I'm anxious for the story to finally become available to everyone so we don't have to be so secretive anymore. As far as the story it's really like chapter thirteen and twenty-one in the first book for totally different reasons. There are so many twisty and topsy-turvey things in this series that everyone will have favorite parts for sure. 

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