Monday, December 13, 2010

First Song From The Playlist

View DetailsMusic plays a huge part in my writing. A good song can mold whole chapters or sometimes simply help to keep the creative juices flowing during a difficult writing day. I've always been drawn to songs that have wonderful lyrics and melodies. Now that's not to say I won't enjoy a song because it's not heavy with emotion and poetic writing. Some of the dumbest songs can instantly transport me back to being sixteen and cruising down Old Bay. Heck, I can't even mentally arrange the words "buttermilk biscuit" without immediately thinking the name Sir Mix A Lot. Do not even try and tell me that song didn't just jump into your mind because I'll know you're lying.
    Creating a play list for a story is just one of the really fun parts of writing. For all my years of high school this first song played in the background of my mind. It was a sort of comfort when teachers irritated me or my grades took a dive into the pooper. Which was unfortunately more often than I enjoy remembering. Now let me stress, my book is not in any way autobiographical. Each character is a creation from my imagination is not based on any person living or dead. I have to live with the real people in my life not the characters. You can't imagine how often I have to reiterate this.
     Anywho, school was hard for me. I put lots of unnecessary pressure on myself and never felt like I truly succeeded at any part of it. Being around my friends was the fun part. The education part, not so fun. This song was my silent rebellion, my internal goth, my tiny form of undercover anarchy. I tell you all that to explain that I can't really write about high school without including this song.
    I guess you could say this song is a big hint as to when we first meet the characters. The high school years are a great place to dump chaos on a character. Those years are a swirling mess of self-inflicted misery without much help. Sweetening the pot with a little extra makes for a story that tingles with energy.
    So without further adieu, here's the first song.

Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall
Till Then,

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