Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Going Home, Sunday

    I don't know if you can tell it by now, but I'm a difficult patient. I like things the way I like them and really don't give a rat's hairy behind what anyone thinks about it. Sunday was a hard day because my bad patient tendencies were raging. I was past ready to make like a baby and head out of that crowded, hot, irritating room.
    The staff was a weensy bit more on target first thing in the morning since they got my blood drawn by five o'clock that morning. We'd had bad news on the first blood test the day before so I was grouchy about hearing the results already.
    Once Dr. Foreman (K nicknamed him that because he's Dr. Broome's helper and he's the spitting image of the actor on the TV show House) came by and tortured me a little by yanking off the surgical dressings, he informed me I was on my way home after the blood test comes in. I wasn't nearly as impressed as he was expecting when he informed me I was in that tiny group of blessed few who are allergic to adhesive on bandages. Needless to say, my surgical sites are a wreck. One of the nurses covered them for me thankfully or the ride home was sure to be torture.
    A little before eleven the good news of my blood work came in and we were overjoyed. My lazy left adrenal wasn't actually lazy after all and I wasn't in need of any additional medications. I can't begin to tell you how happy that made me. Prednazone is a nasty little slice of misery in itself and I so didn't want to take it. So finding out I was officially on my way home and without any medicine was the best thing I'd heard in a long time.
    Our nurse called for a transport and I bid my roommate farewell. By this time I was past ready to leave and the passage of forty-five minutes waiting on a wheelchair wasn't working for me. Finally, I told K to grab my stuff we were leaving. I didn't need no stinking wheelchair anyway.
     I'd like to tell you I flounced my self right out of there, but in reality, I very slowly made my way to the lobby to wait on my ride. I've never been so glad to feel cool wind on face.
    Our ride home was pleasant even with a slightly uncomfortable stop at Cracker Barrel. The chill in the air wasn't too kind to my sore muscles. But four hours later we cruised into Heritage Drive and I unfolded my stiff self from the car.
    The boys, dogs, nephew and Sister had been quite the busy little elves while we were in Nashville. My wonderful sister had endured putting up my Christmas tree and house decorations all by her lonesome. I can't say I could have done it any better or would've tried with all three boys. The boys were overjoyed to see Papaw and Mamaw and they were glad I was home too. They had even bought me a bunch of red roses and orange lilies.
    After a long hot shower, I settled into the only place I could stand. The dang recliner I've been trying to throw out for years. Dad, Sister and lil Monster left a few hours later since reality was waiting for them Monday morning. Mom was going to stay until Tuesday since K had to work Monday. All things considered, Sunday was a success. I was home, everything had stayed together despite my absence and the worst part of this journey was over.
Till then,

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