Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Day Before, Thursday

    So like I told you about last time, I'm up here in Nashville to have yet another piece that the good Lord installed removed. It's unfortunate but the thing is a major dud and got to go. A drive up before the actually surgery day was necessary for a pre-operative appointment at ten this morning. It was a okay trip I guess considering we went to bed at one in the morning and were all back up to leave by six. And can I just say wow to the Tennessee Highway patrol for being out in such a force today. I've never seen so many sneaky cops trying to give me a ticket. All in all though a beautiful and easy drive North.
    Unfortunately because of all the cops we were nearly late for the appointment though. I slid into this joint with one minute to spare and bada-bing bada-boom we were out the door and done with pre-op in under an hour. Thank you Vanderbilt check-in for getting it done so fast!
    K, Mom, Dad and I enjoyed a nice lunch at the local Chili's and made a educated decision on our hotel choice. Thank heaven's one of the townies was nice enough to point us in the opposite direction of the hotels with bed bugs! My skin wants to crawl off just thinking about it. My grandmother wouldn't have ever let me back in her house if we'd have come home infected with "chinchez" as she calls them.
    After a tiny nap and organizing things for the early report to the hospital, we all headed downstairs to the hotel grill for dinner. The food was awesome and there was even the added bonus of a trio of local talent singing some of their original songs. Two of the three were really good. The music was a great relaxer from the nerves I was beginning to feel about the surgery.
    I've gotten lots and lots of messages and calls today from friends and family and it's been such an encouragement. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and positive energy. I have no doubt things will go easy and perfectly in the morning and all your love has really propped me up.
    At the moment, K and I are just chilling in the Holiday Inn's totally comfy bed. K is watching wrestling and fending calls from Son#1 after each match. He's watching at home with Sister, Son#2, the baby monster, Puddin' and Cinnamon then calling to discuss each match with K. Can you stand it? Lord only knows I can't. I have my books and laptop thankfully.
    To everyone wanting to know how things go, no worries. My mother has a list to go by and I've taught her how to text. If you don't get a answer from me, don't worry I'll read everything once I am less medicated. Thanks again for every one of them in advance!
Till then,

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