Monday, December 27, 2010

Second Song from the Playlist

 View Details   Here we go! It's week two of my sneak-peeks and teasers. I hope everyone enjoyed the first two story elements released last week. You would think it would've been exciting or thrilling for me but my nerves were jangling against my skin as I pressed that "publish post" button to introduce Neely to the world. As I watched it jump onto the screen, I almost lost my cookies.
    Once I finished that last edit on Book One over the summer, I remember resting back on the couch cushions and getting hit with the realization of what I was actually doing. It was totally exciting to know that I'd accomplished something so amazing. In less than five months, I'd written a story consisting of over 140,000 words and corrected typos until my eyes crossed. At the same time, the shiny pieces of my excitement linked up with the mind-boggling realization that I'd  just poured my heart out and emptied every element of a story I'd been hording away in my imagination for years into the real world. Anyone who had functional eyeballs would be able to read it and know I have a weensy bit of a twisted imagination. Private person that I am, that fact scared the bejeezus out of me for a half a second.
    Now that I've endured the stress for the first time, I don't feel quite as nervous about revealing the second set of story elements. I guess that's true for everything we humans do that's outside our personal comfort box. The more you wallow around in it the easier it becomes to deal with your irrational fear.

Without anymore of my expressions of nerves, here is the second song from the play list and a little information on the scene it relates to.
Point of View - Andrew Huckley
Leona Lewis...The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
*This song directly relates to the first time Andrew meets Neely.
Till Then,

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