Friday, April 1, 2011

First Sneak Peek

JournalApril 1st, 2011
    Welcome y'all! Thanks for visiting the blog today. To the most recent of the 26 countries present on the blog, Hungary and Indonesia, thanks so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy the experience. Guess what, you got here just in time for the excitement! :) 
    The big day has finally arrived. Nervous? Who me? That would be a yes if you didn't know the answer already.
    Why am I shaking in my house slippers you ask? I’m nearing the point where my stress level will incite hives because today marks the first public introduction to my novel Unwilling. *cheers erupt all around* 
    Honestly, creating this series has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. At times, the writing became an escape, therapy, all consuming terror and totally wonderful balls of joy rolled along by hours and hours of my fingers flying across the keys. Even after writing the first two, these characters continue to whisper to me as I prepare to begin the third book. Not surprising, I've become extremely attached to them. When I go to Laurel, I half expect to run into one of them at Wal-mart they’re so vividly present in my life now. 
    Before you get your hopes up about reading something significant like a whole chapter I’ll have to warn you that I’m not nearly that brave yet. Sneak peeks are exactly what their name describes, tiny snippets of the manuscript. Even though it's short, I sincerely hope it tickles your curiosity about Neely and the gang.
    And now the time has come for me to shut up and let you read! I truly hope you enjoy this small piece of Chapter one. Most of all, I look forward to the time when Neely's fire for life and love touch your heart on a grand scale, preferably bound and sold at all the fine chain and independent book stores and on
Till then,
 *crosses fingers and squeezes eyes tight*
p.s. There will be a sneak peek every week in April so visit the blog often J

 this sneak peek is  rated
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    “Second chances huh?” Hayden mumbled. His voice slipped into a slightly cooler tone than a minute ago. Turning away, he stared out into the night.
    Distractedly, I glanced in the same direction.
    This is so stupid. I'd already put this conversation off long enough. Now is as good a time as any to tell Hayden I'm in love with him. 
    Several kids passed by the jeep at that moment. As they laughed their way to the back yard, their images reflected in a car sitting just to the left of the house. This sent an unwelcome bolt of recognition into my brain.
    “Yep,” I answered in a choked voice. Leaning down to pick up my bag, I hoped to stifle the internal groan trying to creep up my throat. “Everyone needs a second chance sometimes.”
   “We better go on in,” Hayden said suddenly. His fingers twitched on the steering wheel. He suddenly seemed anxious to get away from me. This new, pricklier mood of his stung me worse than a swarm of no-see-ums.   
    “There are lots of people here already.” He added as his fingers started to dance along the steering wheel.
    “What’s the big hurry?” I asked.
    “Looks like your stalker decided his ‘second chance’ is tonight.” He said, totally ignoring my question.   
    ”What are you talking about?” I snapped.
    Hayden jabbed his finger furiously at the black car.
    “Ain’t that your little weirdo’s fancy-shmansy BMW?” Hayden’s face squished up in an ugly scowl when he turned to face me.
    Now his bad attitude made more sense and gave me one of my own.
    “Andrew Huckley isn’t my anything. For your information, we invited the entire senior class to this party and he’s a senior. What’d you expect?” I grouched as I jerked the door open. Before sliding out, I turned back to face him. “And by the way, you’re being a jerk.”

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