Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Sneak Peek

    red gerbera daisy picturesWelcome to the final sneak peek! What's that? Is that an collective anticipatory sigh I hear from you followers? Good grief, I hope so! *just kidding*
   I honestly do hope you all enjoyed this tiny bit of Neely's story and are now more anxious than ever to read the whole thing. Things are progressing well with the manuscript these days so cross your fingers that I have a nice copy to offer you all very soon :)
    I decided to keep my spiel short today because hopefully you all have as much sunshine calling to you as I do. So I'll shut up and let you go get your D on cause that's exactly what I'll be doing for the next couple of hours. I love feedback! So let me know what you guys think about each excerpt or all four.
Till Then,
p.s. curious about what the characters look like yet?? Well, if you drop me a facebook comment, message or twitter, I'll send you a picture of the one character you most want to ogle *wink *wink

*Thanks once again to Number Two for modeling :)
                                                              This sneak peek is rated G
    Andrew approached cautiously then cupped my hand in both of his before I could object.
    “My people, the Māori, are very talented bone carvers. This is a fairly simple piece, but I’ve seen others that are true masterpieces.”    
    His breath fanned the curls resting against my cheek as he spoke. Using only his index finger, he traced the outline of the design around the entire surface.
    I stood frozen in place, watching his finger sensuously move over the thing in my palm.
    The rest of his fingers caressed my fingertips as he completed the revolution. The contact tingled and left behind a heat between us, that burned so intensely, it numbed the skin and left it cold.
    Moving away from him would’ve been my natural reaction, but everything inside me had gotten mixed up and scattered.
    “What do these markings mean?” My throat felt dry as I whispered the words.
    Andrew looked up to meet my gaze. His green eyes flashed with an emerald flame that seemed to slowly bleed to Citrine.
    “This design represents the unfurling native fern frond of my home. The symbol is given to someone who is experiencing personal growth or … an awakening.”

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