Friday, April 22, 2011

Sneak peek #3

view details    Welcome to week three! Sharing Neely's story has been such a blast! But as with all good things, unfortunately, the sneak peeks are coming to an end soon. I hope y'all have enjoyed them. Once number four is posted next week, it'll be a little while before anymore show up. That's not necessary a bad thing though. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that a nice bossy agent and publisher tells me I can't share pieces from the book very, VERY soon. :)
    In the meantime, I'll do my best to slip you all a dab here and there. The blog is growing fast and thanks to everyone who has supported the series by passing the link on to their friends. I really appreciate it. In less than eighty hits the blog will pass that next notch of 2000. Every little bit helps and for every mile stone reached I promise I'll post some pieces, so keep those follows and views coming! 
Till Then,

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        “Doesn’t matter I guess,” I mumbled. I’d promised myself I would not cry in front of him and began to untangle my arms from around his waist.
    Hayden grabbed hold of my biceps but I kept my face turned away.
    “Neely,” The music roared up again and almost drowned him out. “What’s the ….?”
    The sound of Camilla Nelson’s voice cut in on my right side but barely registered in my brain. Her words fluttered through my mind and back out again as I tried to wiggle free.
    “Can’t somebody else go?” I heard Hayden hiss loudly. His fingers clutched at my arms at little tighter as I struggled.  
    Damn, I’ve got to run to the store for Mom.” He yelled down at me, just as I freed myself.
    “Whatever.” I threw the word over my shoulder as the first tear landed on my cheek. Walking as fast as possible away from him, I heard him say, “I’ll be right back.”
    But that didn’t matter one way or the other now.
© 2010 Katie Wood
This manuscript is the sole property of Katie Wood and is prohibited from being displayed, copied, electronically discussed or electronically distributed without the expressed written permission of the author.   

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