Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Second Sneak Peek

Second Sneak Peek for Unwilling

Welcome to week two! Hope everyone enjoyed that first teeny bit of the story and you're ready for more. I know it wasn't much, but hopefully you get the picture of how Neely's life is suddenly getting very complicated. 
    In this next scene, you'll get a glimpse of another mismatched piece of the puzzle. Let me know what you guys think. I love feedback, it really helps me work on the stories.
Till then,

This sneak peek is rated G rating symbol

 “May I join you?” Andrew asked politely. His thick accent and much more formal verbiage always made it hard for me to talk to him. I usually spend more time listening to the way he said things than exactly what he was saying.
    “Uh …” I glanced around to scan the crowd quickly hoping Hayden had gotten back. No such luck. “Sure.” I scooted over on the step.
    “Great party,” he said as he sat down slowly, folding long legs and a muscled torso onto the narrow board.
    I imagine it was pretty uncomfortable for him. That actually worked for me since I wanted him to go away sooner rather than later.
    “I’m glad you’re having a good time.”
    My voice sounded remote and bored even to me but he grinned.
    “I hoped we might get a chance to talk tonight,” pausing, Andrew cleared his throat nervously. “There never seemed to be an opportunity for real conversation at school.”  
    I only gave him another distant nod of agreement. Andrew has always been the king of not taking a girl’s hint.

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