Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fun Facts From Under The Writer's Desk (10/8/14)

It’s a dog’s life here under the writer’s desk, folks. And not too shabby for a gal with a cute black butt spot such as myself. I’m the Waug, White Waug to be exact, and welcome to:

“Fun Facts from Under the Writer’s Desk”

Because who better to tell the real story than the Waug looking up your shirt tail?

Anyway, I’m being paid in animal crackers to lay some smarts on you humans today. Since I LOVE ME SOME ANIMAL CRACKERS, here goes:

First up, writers. Sweet baby Jesus in the creek they’re a strange lot. That one of mine, she shuffles around here in a daze half the time. Hair crazy as hell. Unshowered and reeking of coffee. Mumbling. Pointing at the walls and then kindly scratches my ears. Well, that part I don’t mind a dab.
But she also smiles while she taps on that glow box. She smiles something FIERCE. Obviously, something in that whirly-jig makes her entirely happy so I guess it’s not half bad. Though it is noisy. I mean, how am I supposed to get my 23 hours with all that racket?
Anyway. If you happen to have one of these writer types in your life, give their cheek a nice wet lick and let them hug you tight when they need to cry. That’s a guaranteed way to get extra animal crackers.

Waug out.

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