Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun Facts From Under The Writer's Desk 10/15/14

It’s a dog’s life here under the writer’s desk, folks. And not too shabby for a gal with a cute black butt spot such as myself. I’m the Waug, White Waug to be exact, and welcome to:

“Fun Facts from Under the Writer’s Desk”

In today’s Fun Facts we’re talking about writer’s snacks. Oh my soul, there is no greater snacker on earth than the stationary writer. Why not a half hour ago a jelly bean landed on my nose and I thought I’d crossed the rainbow bridge of sugar comas. I love me some Jelly Bellies! Let’s sniff it out and see what she’s hiding from those smaller humans and that big one with no hair on his head.
Bottom drawer- hmm, smells of chocolate. Maybe containing a caramel center. Dang. She won’t be sharing that one unfortunately.

Middle drawer-paper, glue, metal. Gross, I’ll pass.
Top drawer- *sniffs hard* Ohhhhhh yes. There’s some booty in that one. Sugar. *sniff* candy corn probably. *sniiiiiiiiffffffff* more nuts and chocolate. Maybe I can bump her chair hard enough when she opens that one again for a stray mallow pumpkin to fall out.

Oh oh oh, there goes that drawer! Okay, I have to go concentrate on this so see you all again next week.
Waug out.

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