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What's on the Nightstand? Stacia Kane's Megan Chase series #22, #23 and #24

    Welcome! Thanks for visiting the blog today :) First happy order of business today, I need to give a quick shout out to the most recent visitors from the now 24 countries collected on the blog. A warm southern howdy-do goes out to Thailand and Vietnam, I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading the blog and will visit again soon! The count now sits at 1500 and change so a huge thanks to everyone who has helped push the blog even closer to that next big goal of 2000 :)
     It was a very nice weekend here. I can't believe it but I'm nearly at the first mile stone in my 100 books per year reading goal. Only seventy-five more books to go. Over the past week, lots of productive things were done, writing things have been accomplished, mind-sucking domestic necessary type things were completed and we even had a visit from The BF and her crew from Laurel.
    All the before mentioned busy-ness has been in preparation for our Spring Break trip and I am so ready! We have lots of activities planned and I'm anticipating it being a very fun week for us all. We haven't made a trip down to Laurel since Christmas and I'm especially anxious to see how The Nephew has grown and to hang out with my family. The Sister says his new big words are "Stop it Mama" whether it's actually his mama doing things or not. That doesn't go over real well with the Brother-In-Law as you can imagine. His new best pal is now Double G (the great-grandfather). I'm told in the daily report from The Mom that those two are having big fun every day conspiring to leave S (the great-grandmother) out of their daily mischief. Hilarious!
    I've decided I really like other people being the ones to have the babies these days LoL! My own two boys have been a lot of joy but they are also their own special kind of work too. The Nephew, well he gets to be sent home to his mom at the end of the day haha! That means I get to do all the playing without all the work.
    Now down to some book business. March is firmly upon us and April 1st is right around the corner. Are you ready to get that first peek into the book? I hope so! I'm putting the finishing touches on the sneak peeks and trying to calm my nerves in the process. Wednesday will kick off the beginning of things as I'll be posting a short synopsis on what the book is about. If you're new to the blog you can revisit some of the character interviews from a few weeks back and get to know them a bit. Check blog dates 2/2/11, 1/12/11, 12/29/10 and 12/20/10 for the character interviews.

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    Part of that nerve calming process involved getting totally absorbed in some more books of Stacia's that I've been VERY anxious to read. Books A Million wouldn't ever get them in so I ended up having to order my copies. Personally, I think BAM is on a secret mission to irritate me into insanity but that's a blog for another day. Or who knows, it could just be my conspiracy theory affliction acting up.
    The Megan Chase series has proven to remind me exactly why I fell in love with Stacia' writing. All three of these are great! Megan is a very different character from Stacia's Chess Putnam series (Unholy Ghosts, Unholy Magic and City of Ghosts)  I told you all about a few weeks ago. There's a certain feeling of deflation that goes along with finishing a series but thankfully Chess has another installment, SACRIFICIAL MAGIC (Release date TBA) coming soon! I'm so excited! The creativity that had to go into both these character's and their worlds is impressive and tickles the imagination in me as a writer. If you are searching for a new author to fall in love with Stacia won't disappoint!
Till then,

Stacia Kane Stacia Kane is a full time writer who's work includes thirteen published or to be published books. She lives outside Atlanta with her family. For more information on what kind of mischief Stacia is getting into check out her website and follow her on twitter @staciakane.
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