Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Official!

    WELCOME! I'm very proud of today's post (and more than a little bit nervous) because it marks the first official introduction to the book.  Another little treat too, I will actually be telling you all the title for the first time.   
My Photo    Over the last year of working on this novel, I have struggled with one question most of all: "What's it about?" Sounds like a simple enough question right? Na-uh, it ain't. Remember how I told you most people stop listening after five sentences? Well this question is a perfect example of how those five little sentences can either gain you a reader or push one away. Now I bet you can see why I'm thinking of biting my nails. Naw, not really cause that's just vile. Too many days spent with my fingers in other people's mouths completely eliminates the idea of biting one's nails for me. But I digress, thanks to dental hygiene. :)
    Unfortunately, because of my wretched five sentence phobia, there's no other way for me to tell you about this book. So without anymore nerve-induced babbling, I'm proud to introduce you to a short paragraph about Neely's story and my novel.

by Katie Wood Ruffin

     Nestled in picturesque Laurel, Mississippi, between the silt and sand banks of the Leaf River and the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, what should’ve been an evening of celebration for eighteen year old Neely McIntire, suddenly turns into a full-blown nightmare. A mysterious accident at her graduation party ignites the fuse, connected to a nefarious plan cooked up by a handsome stranger, Andrew Huckley, which threatens to shatter the lives of everyone Neely loves. After having her world thrown into chaos, not only will Neely’s tragedy change the lives of everyone she cares about forever, but thanks to Andrew, it could quite possibly destroy her.
See full size image there you go. *whew*
If you could have been a fly on the wall while I freaked out over this dang paragraph you'd have met your laugh quota for the day. I'll admit there was a lot of grimacing, a few choice swear words and more than one moment of deciding to delete the whole thing.
    I sincerely hope this tiny tid-bit peaks your interest in Neely's story. Even better, the things that will be posted on April 1st will be actual sentences and or paragraphs from the manuscript. I haven't decided exactly which one's yet but there are several candidates. So keep a sharp eye out, there are more cool things to come!
Till Then,

p.s if you're wondering about the photo's, well they are clues to parts of the book :)  


  1. Sounded great to me! Love you girl! Have a great time at the DGW!

  2. Sounds like a good book. I LOVE the title.

  3. I really like the title...Can't wait to read it!