Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seventh Song from the Play List

View DetailsWhat a week of weirdness. The random snow on Monday then back to the forty's and fifties Tuesday only to drop into winter again on Wednesday with four inches of snow. Make up your mind already will ya. I'm so ready for Spring. 
    For the work part of the week, it's been wonderful. My two week recharge was pleasant in some ways but now I'm back to work full blast. By Monday afternoon I was 27,904 words into my next book and mentally spent thank goodness. I'm sleeping dream free again and woke up ready to hit it. Things are as they should be. *sigh of contentment*
Can you believe we've made it to seven songs already? I know I can't. The seventh song on the list is a really great song if I do say so myself. 3 Doors Down is an amazing band and they have some wonderful songs. This is one from a older album of theirs and has always been one of my favorite songs. 
    As it relates to the story, something very traumatic has happened at this point. Neely, Hayden and Andrew's tenuous relationship has come full circle and all the big badness is poised to rear it's ugly head and land that final strike. Secret plans have been set into motion that will pitch all the characters head-long into a mystery they never saw coming. Everything is one step away from falling into chaos because of it. There's also enough pain, fear, confusion, regret and anger to go around for everyone. Oddly enough, this doesn't actually reach the height of the conflict, it's only the jumping off point.
    We are getting closer and closer every day to sneak peek releases and I'm feeling the nerves of it. I hope you all are enjoying this small glimpse inside my overstuffed book bible and are getting a feel for the characters. They are all so near and dear to my heart I expect to run into them at Walmart anytime I'm in Laurel. Strange, I know. Soon I'll post the actual release date for sneak peeks up so mark your calendars. The Brother is designing something special to add to the blog for the release date so be on the look out for it. Thanks for all those follows and keep the comments coming.
Till then,

3 Doors Down...Here Without You

For more information on the band, visit their website

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