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Interview with Nathan Nelson

It's been a while since we had a character interview so I thought I'd slip one in this week. In this interview you get to meet Nathan Nelson, third son of Will and Camilla and Hayden's older brother, also a supporting character in the story. Nathan holds a special place in my heart so I hope you enjoy this tiny glimpse of him. Enjoy!
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    The first three character interview's were such a hit with our audience my editor cleared a few more. I was thrilled of course, then I realized I'd have to convince the remaining characters to talk to me. After the hoops I had to jump through to sit down with the main three, my task seemed daunting. Meeting Neely, Hayden and Andrew was interesting but after meeting Hayden's gorgeous older brother I struggled to lump his interview into the same category with them.
     A single call to the Nelson home and I was granted a visit by Mrs. Nelson who passed the message through to Nathan. I have to admit I was a little startled by my good fortune...well...that is until I actually met Nathan. 
     A few days later, I was greeted at the door of the Nelson's home by the boy's mother, Camilla and assaulted by the heavenly smell of baking bread and cookies. It was like walking into a cloud spun out of sugar and butter as I followed her into a cozy living room to wait. Mrs. Nelson explained that Nathan was on his way in from morning classes at Jones County Junior College and was running late.
    Warm cookie and huge glass of milk in hand, I sat in a comfy leather chair waiting for Nathan to arrive. Seeing a real opportunity, I asked Mrs. Nelson if she'd contribute a short interview while we waited. Realizing exactly where Hayden had inherited his amazing turquoise eyes, I fidgeted as Camilla Nelson measured me closely for a minute or two before she excused her self to make a call since she hadn't been cleared for an interview yet.
    A few minutes later and armed with the go-ahead from the author's camp, Camilla settled into the couch beside me and swung one long leg under the other. Her dark auburn hair reflected some of the soft lighting back at me. She was dressed in jeans and a faded blue tee shirt and bare foot. This was a woman comfortable despite me being a stranger. I could tell she was sizing me up on all points though.
Q. Thanks for agreeing to chat with me Mrs. Nelson. May I call you Camilla?
A. Sure. It's no problem really. I just can't believe Nathan's so late. He enjoys talking about himself almost as much as pretty girls. Combine the two and I can only imagine he'll be in hog heaven. *laughs*

Q. Well I appreciate that. Hayden told me he has three older brothers, Todd, Caleb and Nathan. I can only imagine how hard it's been raising four teenage boys. You and Mr. Nelson must be exhausted.
A. *Louder laugh this time* It has definitely been a learning experience. Poor Will and I've been soaked in teenage hormones and testosterone for years now. I can't really complain though, they're good boys. 

Q. Sounds like you both have been busy. This year though, how has all the attention from the book affected your family?
A. So far, the story hasn't really even made a ripple in our lives. Hayden is generally my more sullen kid so he seems to get grouchy about it at times, but then again, he's grouchy a lot these days. Teenage hormones remember. 

Q. I understand that, I didnt' think I'd survive high school. Nathan is only a supporting character but I take it he's not as grouchy as Hayden?
A. No...not at all. Nathan is the consummate flirt and prankster around here. Nothing gets him down. I figured out several years ago that he's really the glue in our family unit. Nathan can be all things for us. A shoulder or ear for each of his brothers, hardworking for us as a family, best friend, confidant, little chick magnet when his brother's need dates...anything. He's the most adaptable of the boys and they all lean on him in different ways. 

Q. I'm even more anxious to meet him now. So how are you holding up personally to the new attention on your family?
A. I've enjoyed it so far. I think once things heat up and the book is released the hoopla might ratchet up a notch or two. I'm expecting it though so it won't be a surprise. The story is great so I'm excited for people to finally get to read it.

*The front door slams right about then*

Q. Is it safe to guess that's Nathan?
A. Sounds like him.

Q. I won't keep you any longer. It was wonderful to be able to chat with you Camilla and thanks.
A. Absolutely and just yell if you need anything.

    A very tall, very handsome young man entered the living room from the kitchen right about then. Rising to shake hands, another matching set of sparkling turquoise eyes took in our girl chat with a eager smile sprinkled with just a smidgen of suspicion.
    Completely filling the doorway with a broad set of shoulders, Nathan Nelson is easily over six feet tall, nicely tanned and so muscled his shirt is straining to hold them in the cloth. Top that off with auburn hair streaked with copper and a purely wicked smile and I was left wondering for a second if I knew what I was getting myself into.
    Camilla excused herself with a pat to Nathan's massive shoulder and a warning to behave before she disappeared into the kitchen. Taking my hand to shake it, I felt the strength in his grip and swallowed hard around the bundle of nerves that had sudden closed off my air. 

Q. It's very nice to meet you Nathan and thanks for agreeing to talk with me.
A. The pleasure is all mine. *this smile is even more wicked, gulp*

Q. Your mother is a very nice lady and so generously gave me a short interview. I asked this one of her too. Has the attention generated from the other interviews affected you or are you still holding on to your privacy at the moment? 
A., not really. We are still going about our business around here as usual. The only difference we've had is with Todd in vet school, my brother's and me are having to share his work between we other three. That part has sucked but all the other stuff is the same.  

Q. As you know, I've interviewed your brother, Neely and Andrew already. They have all been so different and interesting, what do you think you will be bringing to the table as a supporting character?
A. Well, good looks for one thing. *chuckles*

Q. Sounds like lots of self-confidence too huh?
A. Of course. 

Q. Tell me a little bit about yourself. School, hobbies, music and those sorts of things?
A. I'm finishing up at Jones and then it's on to USM. As far as girls count?

Q. Depends I guess.
A. *Laughs* Good one. I don't have hobbies or junk like that other than going hunting with my brothers. Music...I enjoy a good song anytime but I'm not as picky as Hayden. I spend a fair amount of time in the gym. That's about it. 

Q. Okay, well can you tell me a little about your relationship with Neely? I know she's a friend of your family and best friend to your brother but what role does she play in your life?
A. That question is teetering real close to one that could get me in a whole heap of trouble. *wags eyebrows at me*

Q. Katie read you the zip-the-lip list too huh?
A. You ain't got no idea how much she would rain on my parade if I slipped up. Plus, Hayden and Neely did so good with their interviews I'd never live it down if I spilled the beans.

Q. Alright maybe you can answer this one then, what part of the story do you enjoy most?
A. That's a tough one. Chapter three is a real good one, lots happening you know. I like the intense parts the best. Seriously though, it was sort of hard to watch it all happen and not be able to do anything about it. I care about Neely and my brother so it affected me differently than I expected in the beginning.

Q. How so?
A. I really don't like to see anyone I care about hurt. Neely is like a sister to all of us and Hayden is my baby brother. Brothers look out for each other you know. It bothered me that there wasn't anything I could do to help them. It bothered me a lot.

Q. Mrs. Nelson spoke about how your brothers, well really all your family, leans pretty hard on you. That's a wonderful compliment but I could see where that might be hard on one guy to handle.
A. Naw. I love my family, period. There's nothing I wouldn't do for any of them and Neely is family too. When you always think about it that way, decisions that might be hard for other people ain't for me.

Q. That's really sweet.
A. Thanks.

Q. Well I won't keep you any longer. Is there anything else you want to add?
A. Yeah, you got plans tonight? *most wicked smile of the afternoon*

Oh brother... 

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