Thursday, July 13, 2017

PAIN MULE by KD Wood! 
Coming 2018 from Every Indie USA LLC

Excruciating pain is all 19 year old Grace Greenway has ever known. 

Though the burden isn’t her own pain. In the post super storm south, it’s the agony she’d been genetically programmed to carry for others by The Clinic. After Grace survives an undocumented pain transfer that goes horribly wrong, she’s left severely injured. Until Grace's best friend Josh changes everything. 

Once The Clinic administrator discovers Josh’s rare, extra ability to not only alleviate pain but to also heal any injury or illness, he’s ripped away from Grace and taken to The Ward. When offered a transfer job on the same level of The Ward, Grace, with the help of her assistant Darren, hatches a plan to free Josh. Breaking him out might come with a very high price for more than just Grace. As her partner, Darren will have to witness the girl he loves endure a level five surgery transfer for the sake of another. And in order to save everyone she cares about, Grace must survive.

Pain Mule is a stand alone dystopian romance recommended for readers 18+

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