Thursday, July 13, 2017


After local college football star, Jerry Mathews, stumbles into secretly watching Autumn Landry pleasure herself, he can't wait another day to tell the girl of his dreams how he really feels. Tonight's annual bonfire to celebrate his upcoming game will be the perfect setting to show Autumn how he's loved her since 8th grade. 
When the team's biggest rival crashes the party with a plan to bench Jerry, Autumn is the only witness and she must bring him out of the friend zone to save him. But will she be able to steer him away from hidden danger and safely into her arms in time? 

**BOYS OF FALL** is the first Seasons Erotic novellas available from K.D. Wood Books and suggested for readers 18 years and older. Coming soon: GIRLS OF WINTER, BOYS OF SUMMER, and GIRLS OF SPRING.

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