Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bad Pie

Y’all, it’s not secret, I love me some pie. Blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, oh my! In fact, my mom’s peach is to die for. Warm buttery goodness that will make you want to slap somebody down for a bite.
Unfortunately, the pie on the table today is not the good kind with the gooey center and crunchy crust.
Today we’re discussing two flavors, one I can recommend, the other I do not. There’s the one that needs more sugar and less disappointment, know as the “Unfortunate Reality” cobbler and the one we all really want, the “In a Perfect World” lattice crust with a heaping scoop of ice cream.
If you are outside the writing world, I’m sure you have your own recipe for these. Sadly, the same situations crop up like the ones writers face when it comes to support. Don't miss an ingredient here though or your pie is going to suck. There are parts of the Unfortunate Reality flavor that make it taste way better than it looks. AKA, the friends that become family substitutions. They are like swapping to Gluten Free flour without the sandy aftertaste.
Having a writer family doesn’t always equal blood. When it comes to support, it can mean the family you choose to surround yourself with. Those brave souls willing to take on an Unfortunate pie spot can build very strong writer tribes. Pie pan half full, folks. J
See, all writers start with a secret. That tiny dream of holding a finished product of the novel of their heart in their hands. Beginning writers are sooooo scared to reach out for that delicious slice. It’s so fragile! It needs to cool or set up or whatever. One wrong move and the dream might somehow go POOF! Or the dog will snarf it down when we get up to make more coffee.
Or more realistically, that vocalizing the dream might mean someone that writer loves, and wants more than anything to make proud, will instead take a giant crap on said dream. Really scary stuff. 
Non-support in the lives of writers is at epidemic proportions. A silent and deadly rot. Worse, it brings with it the added bonus of embarrassment outside whispers within our most trusted circles of other writers. In many ways, a double edged sword.
In an effort to bring light to this serious issue that writer’s face, I present these charts and ask only one question: .
Which pie do you take a slice from when it comes to the writer in your life?
If for any reason you find yourself with those outside-the-lines, NON-support dribbles of “Unfortunate Reality” clinging to your chin or shirt, give the writer in your life a hug, make it an extra big one, and pledge to become a ray of hope and support in that person’s life instead of a roadblock to their dream. I know, I know. Now you want pie. *passes you the good pie*
Until then,

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