Friday, September 26, 2014

Another Step in the Process

K.D.’s steps to publication so far:

1. Write a book

2. Revise book

3. Revise book a lot more
4. Convince people to read the book

5. Write new book

6. Revise first book again
7. Submit book to agents

     8. Eat chocolate and wail when book is rejected

9. Write more new books

 10. Revise first book four more times

11. Cry when book is rejected again

12. Go to giant conference and finally! INTEREST
14. Negotiate contract

15. Eat WAY too many lemon Oreos

16. Sign contract

17. Revise book AGAIN with editor…

Now trust me when I say that is a very cliff notes version of the last six years of my life. So here we are at the next step in bringing this little-book-that-could to your eager hands!

Is it ready you ask? Nope, not yet, but almost!

Big thanks go out to the lovely Paula at Blue Tulip. She walked me through the process of content edits with only two nervous breakdowns. (Not her fault, I had a tech issue that nearly drove me insane) Thankfully my dear friend Sharon took pity on me and walked me through how to fix said issue.  
Even though I wouldn’t have thought it possible, she taught me a few things I didn’t know about the book after six years of revising it. Just goes to show that you never stop editing. There is always something that can be tightened, fixed, or moved around all in the hopes of making the story better. She also made a process I was very nervous about much easier than I ever expected.  

So what’s next you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.


Two more rounds of a different type of edits will be next up in the process. Good news is the other pieces of the project, such as the cover art, are complete (YAAAAAAAY!) And I hope to show the cover to you all very soon. I’m very happy with design Laura created. It’s beautiful!
It's not long now! Keep visiting the blog, Facebook and twitter to catch updates and don't forget to give a book some love!
Until then,






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