Monday, August 20, 2012

Crazy Town, Table for 50 please...

    Welcome to our new visitors from Jordan and Georgia! I hope you find something on the blog you enjoyed and want to visit again.
    It’s official. My poor blog is suffering from deadline neglect. We rolled over the 6000 mark this week folks and I missed it. Can you believe that!!! I can't. I thank you all so much. Without your visits that number wouldn't be possible. To say thank you, I’m hoping this odd post makes up for my lack of blog discipline.
    For those who write, you will understand when I say my characters are constantly chatting away inside my head. Some are kind and wait their turn but others don’t have such good manners. It’s been a busy few weeks in my noodle. I’ve spent half of my work time trying to shut the characters that aren’t on deck up and coax the ones who are onto the pages. Sometimes they win, sometimes I win. Like I said, it’s been busy.
    As the title suggests, I have A LOT of characters to sift through. They are sorted over eight different manuscripts which are in various stages of completion. To give you a better idea (and to relieve some of the pressure they’re putting on me) I agreed to let them ALL visit the blog today since lately I’ve been focused on one particular manuscript. So here goes.
    To set the scene: imagine a living room. This is the place inside my head that my characters reside. It’s a comfortable place with lots of chairs, supple brown carpet and exactly eight mahogany tables. The lights are soft and the walls are painted a soothing caramel. There’s a huge fireplace made of river stones. I’m tired today so the usually roaring fire of my imagination is down to glowing embers. Each table has a lamp with a black number embroidered on the shade. Scattered on the tables are various games; Uno, Boggle, Scrabble, Candy Land and Poker to name a few. There’s everything but Monopoly because K.D. can’t stand the Monopoly. Plus, Book Five’s characters are always fighting over the damn racecar and paper money.
    There are lots of people too. The folks at Table One are really tired because we worked from midnight to six in the morning on their manuscript before starting this post. They’re lounging, eating donuts and waiting for me to stop fiddling with this blog and go to bed.  Everyone else is chatting away. Dear readers, this is your chance to eavesdrop on a very secret place in my head. Enjoy!

(Book One)Hayden: How long is this blog crap going to take?
(Book Six): Shut it Dude! *A cheese puff lands on Hayden’s arm and laughter erupts* You had your turn.
(Book One)Hayden: Real immature Six
(Book Six): We’re a Young Adult novel; it’s sort of a requirement
(Book One)Hayden: Smart mouth
(Book One)Nathan: Where’s Five? Nib owes me twenty bucks from last night’s Poker game.
*From the darkest corner of the room, a lamp snaps on. Eight pairs of slanted eyes focus on Nathan. Black wings uncurl and tentacles shiver when table five’s occupants begin to yawn and stretch.*
(Book Five): Come and take it flesh-bag…if you’re brave enough.
(Book One) Nathan: Hey man … you can give it to me when you can. It’s cool.
*The kids at Table Six snicker and make chicken sounds until those alien eyes turn in their direction*
(Book One)Neely: Thanks for waking them up Nathan. Now K.D. will never fall sleep.
(Book Five): We will do our best to respect our mistress’ slumber today.
KD: Thank you Nib
(Book Five)*He smiles large enough to show the double row of fangs in the back of his mouth* As my mistress wishes.
(Book Four) *props his boots on the table* It’s getting deep in here today.
(Book Five) *Hisses* Four, being shelved has made you abnormally grouchy.
(Book Four) *flips Five off*
(Book Seven) Come on over here with us Nib. We’ll keep you company. *The Chick Lit girls raise their glasses and cackle with laughter* Plus, we have mimosas!
(Book Five)*A feminine tentacle smacks the back of Nib’s head when he starts to stand* I’m afraid I must decline, but thank you for the offer ladies.
(Book One) Nathan: I’ll be over in … I mean … at Seven if y’all need me.
(Book Seven) *Naughty cougar cheer*
KD: Okay guys, it’s time for you to play nice on your own. I’m off to bed.
(Book One) Neely: Thank goodness. Hey, can rest my head on your shoulder Hayden?
KD: Come on Eight, we have a few things to discuss.
(Book Eight) Can I bring my gun?
KD: Of course.

So there you go folks. Hopefully this little peek into a writers mind will help you understand us a little better. Especially when we stare at a wall and say huh when you ask us a question.  
Till then,


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