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Interview with Neely, Hayden and Andrew from UNWILLING

Businesspeople using pages from a book to reach new heights 
Welcome back folks! This is a continuation of the interviews I started with Neely McIntire, Hayden Nelson and Andrew Huckley in 2011. (main characters in Katie Wood Ruffin’s UNWILLING series) I had the opportunity last week to sit down for a chat with all three characters at the same time. I’d like to be able to say they gave me some clue as to which of the two guys played opposite to Neely in the scene Katie posted last week. Unfortunately, none of the three ever gave a single thing away. This reporter is still stumped folks. We’ll just have to wait to read the book to know for sure *wink*
-Caroline Irvine

C: So good to see you all again.  It’s nice to have the chance to sit down with all three of you for a chat.
Bright blue eyes, copper
streaked hair, introducing
how Hayden Nelson
appears in the book.
Neely: It’s good to see you again *elbows Hayden*
Hayden: Hey
Andrew: Cece, how wonderful to see you again. *A lovely shoulder hug and dazzling smile* (I admit I blushed a bit)
Hayden *rolls his eyes* Dude, you’re laying it on a little thick sort a early.
Neely: Be nice.
C: I remember this isn’t your favorite thing Hayden, I promise to be gentle.
Hayden *frowns*
  Neely: *snickers* He’s just grouchy about the blog post from last week. He‘s chomping at the bit to *finger quotes* set the record straight and we can’t. Plus, Andrew hasn’t helped by picking on him every chance he gets. *gives Andrew the stink eye* Katie laid down the law before we met with you. *makes a swirly motion next to her ear* ‘Member, I told you she’s sort of nutty about us slipping up and telling things we shouldn’t.
Hayden: *mumbles* Naw…it’s more like a chapped as…
Neely: Language Hayden *punches him in the arm* She’s writing this stuff down you know. You want your mom to read that?
Andrew: Funny, Katie has never been anything but pleasant to me about interviews. I guess she trusts me.
Hayden: *glares at Andrew* You’re so full of it Huckley.  See…see I told you he’d act like a jerk.
C: Maybe I can ease some of the tension by moving on then.
Neely: Yes ... Please.
C: Alrighty moving on then … so how have things been for you guys? Anything new and exciting happened since we last spoke?
Andrew: We’ve spent quite a lot of time meeting new people, following Katie around to writers meetings, retreats, conventions, workshops and such.  And of course, we’ve helped promote the series. Katie just finished a third re-write. It’s being read this month and we’re waiting for the verdict to come in.
C: Anxious?
Neely: A little…there were some real tense moments in this one and lots of changes.
 Andrew: I personally think Neely was spectacular throughout the manuscript. I was completely enthralled.
Hayden: aw man… *pretends to gag*
C: What about you Hayden? How have things changed for you this go round?
Hayden: Well … not much I guess. Except … that deal with the blog last week is the first time I’ve really been…irritated… by the whole process. If that’s what you mean.
Neely: Irritated? Is that what all the cool kids are calling it these days?
Hayden: *blushes*
A smile to melt anyone's heart, a
pair of crystal green eyes that
make you want to fall into. Introducing
how Andrew appears in the book.
C: I have to say the scene was quite interesting. Can you tell me which of you guys had the honor of being it the scene with Neely?
Neely: No way! Katie is libel to shoot us then let us bleed forever in the bowels of her computer files, never finishing us off. That girl is real harsh that way about spoilers. I think she’s been hanging out with Jeannie Holmes too much. *shivers*
Andrew: I must agree with Neely on this one. We’d all be in an enormous amount of trouble if that piece of information came out in this interview.
C: I understand and I promise to be discreet. Can you at least tell me why it upset you so much Hayden?
Hayden: Um…well…I guess it’s because it was so physically and emotionally intense. It caught me off guard having folks read that kind of thing about us without knowing the whole story. *glares at Andrew*
Andrew: Hmmm…sounds like someone doesn’t know how to share.
Neely: Don’t you start aggravating Hayden. *bumps Andrew with her shoulder* You know his fuse is shorter than usual these days.
Andrew: Neely’s right…my apologies Hayden
Hayden: Whatever dude, and would you quit being such a suck up to Neely. I’ve about had my fill of you already.
C: *clears throat nervously* Moving on then. So what are you guys looking forward to this year with the series? Any big plans you can share?
Neely: Well…Katie is about to start a revision on Book Two. If the new version is anything like how the rough draft went, I’m going to be really …busy. But I’m looking forward to it. There’s lots of action and traveling to cool places. I’m excited about that. Plus query letters are being prepared to send out for Book One. We’re all crossing our fingers that a wonderful agent will want our series soon. That would be so awesome!
C: What about you Hayden? Are you looking forward to the second book?
Hayden: Sort of. Book Two is pretty rough in a few places but there are also lots unexpected things ahead for my character. I’m anxious for them though. I like a solid resolution. The second book resolves lots of things but creates a few more situations that even I never expected. Lots to look forward to … I guess.
C: Do you feel that way too Andrew? Are you looking forward to the changes in Book Two?
Andrew: I can’t say I’m anxious for everything in Book Two. I do agree with Hayden that there are several unexpected developments that appeal to me but others…I could do without. That’s the price we characters pay though. We’re at the mercy of our creator. Thankfully, Katie genuinely cares for her characters. The really hard decisions cause her much more anguish than they do us.
C: This has been really great guys. I’m so looking forward to the story becoming a reality for you and for Katie. Maybe we can talk again when there is a development? Any chance you could get me an interview with Katie too? Maybe put in a good word?
*they all laugh*
Neely: Sure
Andrew: Of course, always a pleasure.
Hayden: I guess so.
Neely: *rolls her eyes* Oh Hayden…  

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