Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Book Clue

So have any of you guessed what the first clue to Book One is (see blog photo)? No cheating by those who have read the rough draft now! Well, it is sort of a tough one, so I will add a tiny bit more to it.The model is wearing two necklaces which hold great significance to the story line. The small one is crafted out of recycled stainless steel and the other is crafted out of bone. Even the materials they are made of are significant to the story. Chelsea, the model, is quite a doll and all but she isn't the clue, thanks for being my prop model Chels!

The ways to win for this clue are to either (1) be the first one to figure out what symbol is on both necklaces, or (2) discover the name of bone necklace and where it originates from, or (3) discover the name of the creature the bone necklace is depicting. In the coming weeks I will be posting lots of clues about the story and then eventually pieces of the book. This story is chock-full of props and clues to figure out. Lots to look forward to so keep a sharp eye out!

Anyone who can discover the correct answer to what they are or where they come from will win a prize so put your thinking caps on people! Please send me your answer in an email or FB message so you don't spoil the fun for everyone. Also, a big thank you goes out to Stephanie Hembree for being my first blog follower!
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