Friday, March 23, 2012

Almost to 5000!

Hey folks! Hope your week is turning out to be fantastic. :) This month is slamming me pretty hard in the work department so I don't have much to pass on. Right now I'm tearing my way through a book about writing in an attempt to fix some of the snafu's in my manuscripts. Writer bud Michelle recommended it to me a few weeks ago. For those out there looking for a good read about structure and such, check it out.

Story Structure Architect by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D.Story Structure Architect: A Writer's Guide to Building Dramatic Situations and Compelling Characters

On the January 18, 2012 post, I reported that the blog was 10 away from reaching the 4000 mark. Now, just a little over two months later, we're very close to passing the next mile stone and hit the 5000 mark! That's the most growth since I created the blog December 2010. *fireworks* Wooohooo!

That 5000 belongs to you guys so thank you all for visiting!!! I'm enjoying your company every week so much. Pass the address along to your buds and keep those comments coming! Who knows what the next few months have in store for us. :) Cross your fingers that it's something AWESOME!

Till Then,

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