Sunday, May 22, 2011

A wedding, A Really Long Drive and Character Building...

view details    *As a happy anniversary shout out to my cousins, I thought I'd bump this post up in case you guys missed it. Happy anniversary you two crazy kids! Hope your first year was filled with joy!* -Katie

(May 2011) The two weeks of single parenting, while The Hubs jetted off to Topeka and Fort Worth, came to an end finally. *YAY* I survived unscathed but my work schedule suffered tremendously, couldn’t be helped though. I made a few attempts at writing but finally threw up my hands after the one hundredth time son#2 interrupted my thought with a “Hey Mom…uh...I forgot what I was gonna say”. Trying to work with kids in the house and no help is similar to sticking your head in a tiger’s mouth. You can do it, but it rarely turns out well.
Jessica Cuchens Jefcoat    So now that The Hubs is home normal can return to our schedule (I hope!). To start the weekend off, Saturday we traveled to Newton, MS to see The Cousin get hitched.  The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom made a gorgeous couple. Seeing all the attention to details and care The Cousin and his bride put into the ceremony and reception, I realized what an amazing bunch of guys my family has been blessed with.
    Being the oldest sister, Aunt and cousin of this gnarly bunch, I’ve had the chance to watch all the boys in my family, and in my husbands, grow up and find girls to marry. They’re each one handsome, caring men who’ve turned out to be amazing husbands and, now for some, fathers. The Cousin is no exception. After hearing about the surprise honeymoon and fun activities he’d planned for his new bride, I was completely thrilled for his bride. (Pictured: the brand new Mr. and Mrs. The Cousin)
    The four hour drive home last night gave me a chance to think on this … a lot … it was four hours after all. Think on what you ask? Well, since you asked, on how I create my male characters. I’ve told you all before that I never pattern a character after a real person. That’s still true. BUT, I do pull bits and pieces from people to build a character. Not the same thing. I swear.
view details    I’ve found in my writing that I enjoy creating both good and bad-to-the-bone male characters. Both are fun in different ways and can be very challenging . The reason for this lies in the men of my family. I know a good man’s ways after having so many wonderful examples to chose from. And on the flip side, I also know exactly how to build a dweeb of a man in a manuscript. I know, I know. I hear your question. “With all these good men, how can you possibly create a believable evil one?” Uh … well duh … because I had some real asshats for boyfriends that’s how. Cheaters, liars, weirdoes and at least one who I’m sure spits on puppies when no one is looking. True story, one time I had this date with a guy someone set me up with. First mistake, he drove up to my house and honked the horn for me to come out. Bad move. I made him take me to Chesterfields and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu then didn’t eat it. Then, take me to the movies, popcorn, drink, candy, the works, and I wouldn’t even hold his grubby hand. Finally, he drove me home and I slammed the car door in his puckered-up face without so much as a bu-bye. My friend obviously forgot to tell him Wood girls don’t play that way.
view details    So to all the wonderful men in my family, I salute you. My life is better because you're in it and my characters are more wonderful and loveable because of your influence.  I feel blessed to have you for my boys to look up to. And of course to all those who fall into the asshat category, raise your own boys to treat girls better than you did. Because you never know, that little girl from the county you treated badly might grow up and use you as the booger-eating, psychotic nerd who gets run over by a train in her book.
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